I believe we were made for glory; for something bigger than ourselves, and I love that! I love finding beauty and finding God in the simplest things; nature, music, people, it goes on. Being made for something bigger than ourselves, I believe, holds something so powerful. Go beyond the norm, to dream the impossible, to make an impact. To not limit God in what He can do in our lives. When fire comes our way, let that illuminate who He is. I see it as, I only have one life here to make something beautiful out of what He's given me in this world. Go on adventures, do something spontaneous,laugh a lot, be challenged, win, fail, get back up, love on people, even if you think they don't deserve it, I want it to be worship to my Creator in each of these things I do.
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Strolling through uptown on my break. Hello, Spring!

Happy Monday!

He surrendered His sinless life so that we can experience love , redemption, freedom, peace, a second chance. And for that, I surrender everything else. #jesus #surrender #easter2014

This girl has grown up so much. Talk about saving grace. Easter is a special day for us!

Fitting room fun :) (at urban outfitters 72nd st. )

Being happy is a choice. It’s knowing that life is not a destination. That it’s a journey. That life is happening now. Things happen. There’s loss, there’s pain, there’s darkness. It’s choosing to use your light or blend in with the dark. It’s smiling knowing that it’s not over. It’s knowing that life pushes you to deal with the next day. It’s up to you what you do with that day. I choose to live.

4am wake up calls are no fun. Rise and grind! #goodmorning

Life is too short to be hesitant of past hurts. It hurts but it heals if you let it. Pain shouldn’t put fear in us but the exact opposite. Life doesn’t stop, only we do. If one person hurt you, doesn’t mean the next person will. It’s inviting life in; not shutting it out. -Jodi

To say how awesome and genuine this woman is, is a total understatement. She has become my best friend and deals with all my silly moments, crazy moments, happy and sad moments. And she’s also not afraid to bring me back when I get crazy. But she challenges me to so things that I think are totally crazy! She has become my best friend and I couldn’t be more thankful for her! 💕

Just felt like my heart was stomped on..


I guess this one is titled.. “The one that got away..”