I believe we were made for glory; for something bigger than ourselves, and I love that! I love finding beauty and finding God in the simplest things; nature, music, people, it goes on. Being made for something bigger than ourselves, I believe, holds something so powerful. Go beyond the norm, to dream the impossible, to make an impact. To not limit God in what He can do in our lives. When fire comes our way, let that illuminate who He is. I see it as, I only have one life here to make something beautiful out of what He's given me in this world. Go on adventures, do something spontaneous,laugh a lot, be challenged, win, fail, get back up, love on people, even if you think they don't deserve it, I want it to be worship to my Creator in each of these things I do.
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Great people don’t do great things; God does great things through surrendered people.
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Why does this still hurt?


i need someone to talk to, i need someone who will be there for me on my bad nights and on my good nights and all the nights that i swear i can’t feel anything, i just want someone to be there for me and i want to be there for them. i want that with someone again, i had it and i lost it but i still have so much in me to give, but no one to give it to

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You want to know who I am? Fearfully and wonderfully made. Was once just ash but a new creation. Dead and a slave to my mistakes but now am alive and well. Doubtless that I am loved by a God who’s only given me chance after chance. Who in any way He can, constantly reminds me that I’m beautiful, valuable, and deserving of a love that never does out. My identity? It lies in Christ. The One who I constantly let down, but He reminds me that I was never holding Him up. That He holds me up. That every time I feel like I’m going to sink, He holds me even higher, and refuses to let me go. #thoughts #lategram #love #identity

I can be in Manhattan every day and there’s often the thought of what happened that day, where we all were, and how each of us have an empty space in our hearts since that September Tuesday morning. Where we look at the lives that were lost and peoples lives that will never be the same. We look at NYC and think, this city will never be the same. It’s 13 years later, but we will never forget exactly what we heard, felt, saw, and lived through this day. God Bless America.