I believe we were made for glory; for something bigger than ourselves, and I love that! I love finding beauty and finding God in the simplest things; nature, music, people, it goes on. Being made for something bigger than ourselves, I believe, holds something so powerful. Go beyond the norm, to dream the impossible, to make an impact. To not limit God in what He can do in our lives. When fire comes our way, let that illuminate who He is. I see it as, I only have one life here to make something beautiful out of what He's given me in this world. Go on adventures, do something spontaneous,laugh a lot, be challenged, win, fail, get back up, love on people, even if you think they don't deserve it, I want it to be worship to my Creator in each of these things I do.
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If you’re getting married, or know someone that is getting married, or are a girly girl… then check out this song I wrote for my brother and new sister-in-law for their wedding. 

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